Protect your team from bringing carcinogens back to the firehouse and their homes.
Take the pledge for proper gear maintenance and storage.


I Pledge... To keep dirty gear out of my house and out of my firehouse, and to educate my friends and coworkers about the risks of dirty gear.


423 people have signed the pledge!

Trevor Rhodes
Hudlow VFD

Because Gear is dirty and it should stay in my tool box in my truck.

Karl Naaf

To be around for my future family, to enjoy retirement, to be an example to my coworkers, to help my coworkers do all the same

Derrick Curtis
Cassie VFD

Cancer needs to go

Matthew Atchison
Dallas Fire Department

Want to continue to work an aggressive Fire Department while managing the risks we can control. So we may all go home at the end of the shift. Which includes being able to have a happy healthy retirement.

Ryan Bingaman
Township of Spring Fire Rescue

Everyone in the fire family knows someone who has cancer from this job. I am signing as a reminder to myself as well as others that our main job is to go home to our family after every shift.