Protect your team from bringing carcinogens back to the firehouse and their homes.
Take the pledge for proper gear maintenance and storage.


I Pledge... To keep dirty gear out of my house and out of my firehouse, and to educate my friends and coworkers about the risks of dirty gear.


397 people have signed the pledge!

Luis Fernando Rivera
ASCAPROC Fire & Rescue Volunteers Team

Congratulations for this campaign that will surely help many firefighters and rescuers and their families to learn how to take care of themselves, a big hug for all our brothers, firefighters and rescuers from America and the world from Mexico.

Anthony Ortiz
Quinta Compañía CBR

Crear conciencia entre nosotros y así proteger nuestras familias.

Jonathan Luis Irrazabal Orellana
Rancagua Chile

to take care of my brothers firemen and me

Javiera Natalia Nuñez Arenas
Cuarta compañia CBR

Para proteger a mi familia y a mi

Sebastián Ruz carrillo
Rancagua chile

Por el riesgo que estamos corriendo como bomberos y nuestras familias